During the period of Sikh Missal, Khushal Singh, the nephew of Sardar Kapoor Singh (the founder of the Faizalpuria or Singh Puria Missal) conquered this town from the Pathans in 1755-56 AD. During the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, a huge Army under the command of Diwan Mohkam Chand, attacked the Faizalpura or Singhpuria Missal and annexed the town of Patti into the Maharaja’s Empire in 1811 AD. The rumours suggest that Maharaja Ranjit Singh considered the town a potential threat and it is for this reason that he got the outer wall demolished. The historical fort of Patti built in 1755 A.D., which houses the present Patti Police Station, bears testimony to the historical development.

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How to Reach:

By Train

Train Route from Amritsar Junction to Patti via Tarn Taran Junction.

By Road

20 km. From Tarn Taran city.